Wonder Woman
"Remember, that in a world
of ordinary mortals, you
are a wonder woman..."
The Queen, "The New Original
Wonder Woman" 1975

During the world's darkest
moment....when evil and chaos
ran rampant....when the ideals
of peace and democracy were
endangered....there came into
the world a beacon of hope
and humanity...... Wonder

On Paradise Island,the hidden
and peaceful world of the
Amazons , Major Steve
Trevor crash lands after a near
fatal dogfight with the Nazis!

Found by the young Princess
Diana, he is healed by the
Amazons and must be
returned to the "man's world."  
The Queen calls for a
contest-- an event of sport,
agility, and strength to
determine which young
Amazon will lead Trevor
Diana, who has been forbidden
by her mother in participating in
the contest, dons a disguise and
competes with her Amazon
sisters.   She bests them all, and
in the final event of "Bullets and
Bracelets" she is victorious,
proving that she  is swifter than
Mercury, stronger than Hercules,
and has the wisdom of Athena.

Diana  reveals herself to the

"I do it because I love my
people.   I love my Queen.  But
most of all, I love my mother.  
I'm sorry Mother, but it was the
only way..."

The Queen, stunned:  "I would
have expected... nothing less...
from my own daughter."

Wearing a costume whose colors
show her allegiance to freedom
and democracy, she is armed with
great gifts of power and
Indestructible bracelets that deflect
bullets. The golden belt of strength.  
Finally, the magic lasso--- whose
powers compel those bound within
it's golden links to speak the
absolute truth.

Her mission brings her to the
United States, where she is
needed to battle the tyranny of
the Nazis, and all those who
would stand in the way of peace
and sisterhood!
This has been a very personal
project for me.   Wonder Woman
has been a part of my entire life!
( I was born in December of 1969,
and the pilot/TV movie, "the New,
Original Wonder Woman" aired in

As a child,two women were the
most influential -- the first being my
wonderful mother.   She (along with
my amazing father) has always
been unconditional love and
laughter, a woman of true inner
strength and devotion.  

In addition to the foundation my
parents gave me, the character of
Wonder Woman (especially as
portrayed by Lynda Carter) really
helped formulate my early humanist
ideals.  She showed that women
and men could be powerful,
compassionate, and wise.  And that
love, peace and "sisterhood" are the
true strength in life!

I hope you've enjoyed her!
My tribute to Wonder Woman is a
melding of the TV and comic
versions of the iconic look.   The
doll's face sculpt was selected for
it's close resemblance to Lynda
Carter.  It was then hand painted to
express the delicate features of the
actress.   A more articulated body
style allows for more freedom
fighting poses!

The costume begins with her tiara--
a symbol of her royal station,  
made of gold lame' with a red star
detail.   The costume has a red
satin bodice with a gold lame'
eagle emblem replicating the TV
costume.   Her golden belt holds
the famous "magic lasso",and
leads to her star-spangled shorts.  
The cut more closely resembles
the look of the comics in the
1940s.   Individual white stars were
hand sewn into place.

Hand made red boots with white
vinyl details, and her
"indestructible" bracelets complete
the Amazing Amazon's look!