"Rear Window"
Grace Kelly
"Rear Window"... a Hitchcock classic if ever there was
one...a tense study of relationships, voyeurism....... and
This stunning ensemble was created for Grace Kelly's
character "Lisa Fremont" by Edith Head.   Chic,
sophisticated, and ever so fashionable, the dress its the
epitome of 1950's Hollywood glamour.
The "Grace Kelly
Bride" was used as
the base.  Her hair
was curled and
restyled to look
more like Grace
Kelly in the film.  
Her eyes were
enhanced, her lips
painted a rich
scarlet, and eye
lashes were hand
Crisp black taffeta
was used for the
off the shoulder
fitted bodice with
plunging neckline.

The skirt is made
of endless layers
of fabric-- a full
net petticoat, a
satin base dress,
and an over layer
of crisp white silk
The details of the skirt
were hand painted, and
then over embroidered
with the tiniest of black
sequins and jet colored
Japanese micro beads.

Finishing touches are a
wrap of silk organdy, a
jewelry suite of pearl
choker, earrings, and
woven pearl bracelet,
and chic gloves.

What else would a
society girl wear to solve
a murder?