"Went with the Wind"
Carol Burnett
Who doesn't love Carol Burnett?
I don't think that anyone made me laugh so much or so hard
as she and her gang did on "The Carol
Burnett Show." (...and still do...)

Carol, Vicki, Tim and Harvey (bless him-- we miss you!)
make the world just a little better...

"Went with the Wind" was a classic spoof of
proportions.   The highlight is Carol-- as "Starlett"-- at the top
of the staircase in Bo
b Mackie's genius interpretation of the
curtain dress from "Gone With the Wind"-- complete  with
curtain rod!

"I saw it in the window and couldn't resist..."
My earliest
interpretation of this
moment was at my
first show in 1996!   
I brought her back for
the 2005 Boston
convention, reworked
and refined --well, as
"refined" as a gal with
a curtain rod on her
shoulders can be...

I reworked an older
face sculpt-- one that
had more character
and closer
resemblance to Carol
Rerooted and styled
as "Starlett."
The costume was researched and is
complete-- from lace-trimmed
pantaloons,full hoop skirt, and floral
dress with apron (all the stuff you don't
see...) to the green velvet,
fringe-trimmed curtains and real brass
curtain rod.   Even the hat is a rolled up
bit of "curtain" with fringe dangling in
her face.
...can't you just smell the mint juleps?