Tokyo Tour
Imagine a lovely,
bright, spring day in
Japan.  Walking
through the gardens,
everything is in bloom
and filling the soft
breeze with the heady
scent of a myriad of
Tokyo Tour is dressed
for such a day!   She
wears a bright poppy
red linen shift with
matching satin hip
detail.    Her mother's
pearl brooch reminds
her of home during
her travels.
To keep the breeze
from mussing her
hair,  a simple straw
hat with sheer poppy
sash tops her head.   
She's picked a small
nosegay of cherry
blossoms  and pinned
them to her hat!
Matching bone
colored pumps and
gloves are the perfect
fashion completer!
Tokyo Tour stops
along her walk and
picks a small bunch
of cherry blossoms.
In a moment of
whimsy she neatly
tucks them into the
sash on her hat!
Her mother's
brooch  is a
comforting touch of
home during her
long journey.   It
reminds her of all
she has to look
forward to when
she comes home....