The forbidden.

It taunts you,
beckoning you...
Calling to you like the
song of the fabled
Sirens of old...do you
...Or do you fall
under it's sway?

"Temptation" is such a
bewitching spell.

Corded black micro-
sequined lace floats
over a layer of
glittering black tulle
and a layer of blush
colored silk.   
The dangerously low
neckline is made
more demure with a
tuft of blush silk,
which matches the
sash and bow accent.
Swarovski crystal
florettes in opal and jet
form a simple, yet chic
choker.   Swarovski
crystal beads and floral
accents form the smart
A soft palette of
pastels perfectly
accents her milky
white skin...

Her chocolate
brown eyes are
framed with rich
tones of gold and
sheer brown.  

Her lips color is
perfectly pink... and

Golden blond tresses
have been braided
and woven into a
chignon, accented
with Swarovski
crystal florettes in
They match her
elegant jewelry suite