"Surrender to Me"
You can't fight it...
My love is too
Surrender to me...

Classic silhouette in
daring, rich colors,
"Surrender to Me"
evokes the
smoldering silver
screen temptresses of
days gone by...  
The gown sparkles
and shimmers like
crushed garnets...

A sleek sheath in
black lace over
glittering red
chiffon, lined in
dark red taffeta.

An exaggerated sash
of dark red taffeta
accents the hips and
culminates in a side
Cool gray eyes are
framed in smoky
tones of silver,
brown, and nude.

Sharp black lash
lines and a bright
red lip play off the  
tones of her gown...
Her long, platinum
hair has been woven
into a complicated
chignon, and
accented with
Swarovski crystal

Her exaggerated
chandelier earrings
are in ruby and silver
Swarovski crystal,
and dangle oh so
The final touch?  A
woven bracelet of
chromed Swarovski
crystal beads
accented with ruby