"Summer Blush"
The world is alive with
flowers, and the
smell of jasmine
perfumes the warm
heavy air...
Based upon a vintage
Dior design, "Summer
Blush" is all things

Silk taffeta in soft blush
forms the base of the
strapless gown, with
soft gathers at the waist.

A sash of dusty rose
intertwined with wine
colored silk charmeuse
is draped around the
hips, accenting her

The sash culminates in a
layered bow, bringing
together the blush
taffeta, dusty rose satin,
and  wine chameuse,
and falling to the floor
in two dramatic tails.
A joyful springtime
surprise is found at the
bow-- a small nosegay of
petal-perfect flowers in
white, blue, lilac, and
...her eyes are now
a soft, lilac-y blue,
shaded in tones of
gold, nude, and soft

Her lips are now a
soft, petal pink, to
perfectly accent the
soft, blushy tones of
her gown...

She finishes off her
couture ensemble with
the most chic of

Simple, single pearl
stud earrings, paired
with a triple strand
pearl choker and a
pearl bracelet.