2004   "Sorry!"
Okay-- who doesn't LOVE Carol Burnett?!?

The "Sorry!" episode from "the Family"  sketches on the
Carol Burnett Show is one of the funniest for  me!   I just
had to do it for the "We are Family" Convention in 2004...

The entire set in the sketch was recreated. Floral wallpaper, a
hand-painted table cloth...even the tacky green appliances--
every detail is from that particular sketch.  Even a working
game of "Sorry!" is on the table!

Mama, Ed, and Eunice were recreated with a variety of
dolls-- each repainted, re-rooted, and costumed in
hand-made replicas of their stage costumes (look at Mama's
rolled down stockings!)

As fortune would have it, Bob Mackie was at that year's
Convention! (and of course, he designed everything on that
show...)  So I was too thrilled to be able to meet him-- (and
he's the nicest man you'd ever meet, by-the-way) and give
him the "Eunice" doll....which he in turn ended up giving to

I was mailed a copy of Bob Mackie's book as a thank you--
autographed both by Mr. Mackie and Carol Burnett!-- and to
top it off, they included a photo of her holding the little
"Eunice" doll that I'd made!