Softly, She Speaks
Like the soft, cool
waves gently
caressing the shore,
she moves across
the dance floor.  
Meeting her darkly
handsome partner,
she leans in close
and whispers into
his ear the words of

A ball gown of silk
brocade in silver and
aqua with a floating
layer of raw edged
chiffon is accented
with an aqua-colored
sash.   Swarovski
crystal brooches  
shimmer like the
ocean mist in the
night sky...
To contrast the cool.
Lipid shades of her
gown,  this most
elegant girl wears her
hair in a fiery shade
of titan, and styled
into an elaborate
bouffant or "bubble"...

Her  eyes are now
sable toned with crisp
black lashes and
touches of aqua
shadow ...... Her lips
are a kissable  pink...

Twisted cluster
earrings in aqua are
like drops of the sea..