So Deep, My love
Dreaming, dancing,
breathing in the
magical scent of
jasmine as it blooms
on this wondrous
Can you see the
moonlight?     It  
glistens and dances
upon the calm, blue
sea-- reflecting like
a myriad of

Like a princess, she
is wrapped in the
finest of silks-- a
ball gown of  
brocade in silver
and aqua swirls
around her as she
dances.  Accenting
her tiny waist is a
sash of aqua silk,
tied into a darling
bow with jewelled
Her crown of
golden blond hair
has been swept
back into a classic
chignon, accented
with a jeweled
brooch in the front
and a silk bow in
the back.
Swarovski crystal
cluster earrings, in
matching sea blue,
draw your eyes to
her soft face...
Her eyes are deep
sea blue, accented
with whip-like
lashes.   A contrast
of a coral lip brings
warmth and
freshness to her