BBMAA winner!
Crystal Award for
Anyone who knows me knows that my greatest muse is our
dear Audrey.
It was only natural that I would one day re-create her
show-stopping look in "Sabrina."-for me, a true labour of love.
Each floral embroidered petal and leaf were cut from heavily
embroidered lace, which were then hand-sewn onto organza.   
The pieces were then re-embroidered, adding depth and the
details of such things as stem work, and tiny floral buds.
Finally, the embroidery was had-beaded with the tiniest of
pearls and "chains" of petite jet seed beads.   The embroidery
alone took about a year to complete!
The original Givenchy gown
is a masterpiece of French
couture-- I hope that I have
honored such perfection...
Much like in the film,"Sabrina" has had a complete make
over of her own!   Her long locks have been restyled into a
much more chic Italian- inspired cut-- which perfectly
shows off her pearl and crystal drop earrings.

Her softly shadowed doe-eyes are framed with strikingly
bold brows in warm browns.  The colors compliment her
new hazel eyes, which glance coyly to the side and straight
into your heart.
...and what completes the look ?   A "marvelous mouth" in
rich crimson red!