Restringing tutorial  by  Matthew Sutton!
   To get started, you will need just a couple of things!  

1) Your limb-less dolly

About 18 inches of 1/16" diameter cloth-covered elastic
(a small package found for under $3 at most fabric or craft stores
Small sharp scissors (but really, almost any will do!)

A towel or soft cloth

Ready? ^_^
First, take your towel or soft cloth and place it out onto your work surface  
(to help protect the dolly).  
Take your body parts and lay them out as shown.
Next, take the elastic and string it through the loop in the doll's right arm.
(on your left ^_^)
Pull it through until the elastic is about even on both sides.
Pull both ends of the elastic through the  channel in the torso.
Make sure to keep the elastic aligned.
(the top stays at the top, bottom at the bottom)

Next, making sure your elastic is still aligned, string both
ends of the elastic (one at a time) through
the loop in the doll's left arm.
(the arm on your right ^_^)

This is usually when you're done--tighten, tie a knot, and voila!
However, this is a trick I like to use to get the proper tension in such
a small space, as well as a little more strength:
Feed each end of the elastic back through the channel in the torso...
String the top strand (ONLY) back through the arm-loop
(of the doll's right arm)...
Now you need to adjust the tension of the elastic!
Hold onto the doll with one hand and gently pull on one end of the
elastic.  You'll feel the elastic becoming more taught.
You can do the same with the other end of the elastic.

This part is easier with a helper-- they can hold the torso while you
tie the knots... it can be done (and was done on the model here)
with one person, but two is easier.
So your arms should be nice and firm, but not insanely tight (there
should be a *little* give).  Take the two ends of the elastic and tie a
single knot. Pull it tight...
(the knot wll probably slip into the arm socket)
Now it's knot time!
(there's a bad joke in there somewhere... ^_^)
Now, tie your classic square knot.  make it
good and tight!  
I usually tie it three times, nice and tight!

Now, using your sharp scissors, clip
the excess elastic off, about 1/4" away
from the knot.
(yes, there will be wasted's
okay-- it's cheap!)
Gently pull out the arm, and use
your scissors (carefully!) or even a
toothpick to push in the ends of the
Gently let the arm go
back into it's socket...
You're done!

That's it!

Easy, right? ^_^
The legs are basically the
same method!

This method is geared
towards this particular
type of doll, but the
basics of it can be applied
towards most strung just depends on
how they were strung!

Please know that while
this is pretty easy, I
cannot be held
responsible for any
damage done to you or
your doll while using this
Silly, I know, but ya have
to mention it...^_^

Good luck!
All photos and text belong to me!