Rendez-vous a Minuit
While in New
York,  a chance
encounter with an
old beau turns into a
request for a night
of dining and
dancing  at the
finest supper club
Manhattan has to
offer!  The catch?  
We meet at
Romance and
intrigue come
together in a show-
stopping evening  
sheath in black and
silver brocade.    
Heavy, luminous black and silver silk brocade is used for the
sleek and stylish evening sheath.  The sheath's severe
silhouette is softened by the intricate, woven, nouveax-
inspired pattern of the silk.
A soft, black satin stole with black fur             tips and tiny
details is wrapped across her alabaster shoulders...
Strands of tiny cut jet beads frame her swan-like  throat.
Repainted eyes in
piercing sky blue and
sensuous red lips set
off the fire-like hair
of Rendez-vous...
Her hair has been
styled into the
which is like a
crimson cloud,
framing her  face.