Printemps, or  
"Springtime"  is as
fresh and bright as her
A chic bubble
dress in  a
brightly- colored  
watercolor print  
floral linen makes
quite a
Paired with satin
gloves in true pink
and intricate
crystal jewelry,
Printemps is a
breath of cool
spring air....
Printemps' platinum hair
has been swept back into a
more chic and sleek new
Rows of rosy- pink crystals
and clear sparkling  beads
have been threaded and
twisted together to form
her necklace.  
Pink crystal drops dangle
ever so gently from her
ears, and a final touch of
sparkle can be found at her
waist-- a pink crystal
Printemps --once pale
as the moon-- has
been fully repainted in
the vivid tones worthy
of spring!
Her eyes, now
extravagantly lined
and painted in shades
of deep teal , are
deeply shadowed in
taupe and gold.
Her lips are now a
deep and velvety rose
petal red.