Pop culture!
Many folks may not know that before I began working with
Silkstone dolls  -- beginning way back in 1996-- my line
consisted of pop culture dolls.    I would create dolls of Lucy,
Audrey, The Flinstones, Wonder Woman, etc.....   

I became well-known for one of my early dolls- my
interpretation of Tippi Hedren in "The Birds"       
( I actually had the honor of meeting her in 2008 and giving
her one of my dolls!)

I also had the honor of meeting Mr. Bob Mackie-- and giving
him the doll I'd made of Carol Burnett as "Eunice" in "the
Family" sketches from her wonderful show.    He in turn gave
the doll to Carol!   As thanks, they both autographed a copy of
his book and sent it to me-- with a photo of Carol holding
"little Eunice!"

This page is to show but a fraction of the dolls I created in the
vein of pop culture....enjoy!
"Went with the
Carol Burnett
"Mama and Eunice"~
"The Carol Burnett Show"
"The Birds"
Tippi Hedren
"Sorry!" diorama
The Carol Burnett Show"
Lynda Carter