My Springtime Romance
Winter's chill has given way to cool
crisp breezes and sunny climes.  
Flowers are in bloom and the air is
heavy with the fragrant scent of the
awakening Earth.  
...and somewhere a young man's heart
turns to thoughts of romance...
A delicate blossom of tulle and silk,
"Springtime Romance" is like a
luscious peony from an English
garden.  A clean sweetheart bodice of
pink taffeta is draped in the softest
pink tulle, culminating is a full, flirty
skirt.  Accenting the hip is a bouquet
of pink roses and an exaggerated pink
taffeta bow.
Cluster earrings of tiny pink beads and a matching
necklace of pink seeds and petal pink Swarovski
crystals match the delicate scattered beadwork that
accents the bodice of the gown.
Her strawberry blond hair falls in gently waves,
full of softness and femininity.
Clear blue eyes, a bright pink lip, and soft
peachy shadows create a demure yet welcoming