"The Pale Moon Rising"
Cold, bright,
The pale moon rises
through the black
night sky like a hunter.

Chic floor length
evening gown in black
satin with
gold-flecked black
lace overlay.
Asymmetrical neckline
punctuated with two
Swarovski crystal
Waist sash of black
taffeta, culminating in
exaggerated bow
accented with two
more brooches.
Fire red hair plays against
cool pale skin and stark
black lace.  Restyled into
a bouffant, it frames her
face beautifully.

Smoky shadows in taupe,
blue, and silver
emphaisze her sea blue
eyes and soft lips.

Swarovski crystal
ball-bead earrings and
double brooch bodice
detailing add sparkle to
the night sky of her gown