2005 Ondine
Ondine-- named for Shakespeare's
water  sprite-- is both cool  and
A sleek column of silk brocade in
aqua and silver forms the basis of
this gown, which shimmers like a
reflecting pool in moonlight......
The simplicity of Ondine's evening gown allows
the sumptuous fabric to speak for itself--- it
sparkles like the sea....
An aqua chiffon bow accents the back of the
gown adding interest and a touch of
After all-- how could a doll named for a water
sprite not have a touch of whimsy?
Flame-red hair styled into a swirl-like ponytail
contrast with the cool liquid tones of the gown.
Her eyes-- now a creamy aqua-- are softly
shadowed in rich golden tones.  Her lips are a
kissable candy coral!
Simple "diamond" studs and a pearl brooch
complete this chic look.