Perfect for a gala ball, this extravagant ballgown is created of
peacock colored silk and yards of shimmering tulle.  The
dream-like voluminous layered skirt and an oversized
peacock colored silk bow culminate in a fitted bodice of silk
and ruched tulle.   
"My Heart, My Love" is a full repaint--- her cool blue eyes
mirror the colors of her dress,  are shadowed in soft nude and
shandes of gold, and framed with crisp black lashes.  Her lips
are now a bright warm coral red.   Her golden blonde tresses
have been restyled into an extravagant twisted chignon, and
Swarovski crystal broaches in opal and turquoise adorn her
fanciful coiffure.   Her jewerly suite--hand made Swarovski
crystal stud earrings and  a statement necklace of Swarovski
crystal flourettes and individual crystals in turquoise, opal,
and sea blue-- perfectly adorn this opulent look.

You can almost hear the music playing in the background as
a handsome stranger beckons you to dance...
"My Heart, My Love"
--2012 Italian Doll  
Convention charity auction

Harkening back to the
golden days of Haute
Couture-- "My Heart,
My Love" is a swirling
confection of tulle and
A cool summer
night... a full
moon.... a breeze
coming in off the
Fully repainted face
to accent her golden
hair-- warm blue
eyes shadowed in
glimmering soft
golds and nudes,
with a subtle touch
of turquoise, and
full, bright red lips...
An extravagant
necklace adorns her
alabaster neck--
Swarovski crystals
in soft sea blue are
combined with
Swarovski crystal
florettes in opal and
turquoise colors,
and paired with a
simple turquoise
colored crystal
Her long, golden
hair has been
restyled into an
elegant, intricate
chignon and
accented with more
Swarovski crystal
flourettes which
match her statement