"The Music of Love"
A soft, gentle
melody wafts into
the room like the
scent of summer

She remembers
the tune... it was
the song playing
when they met,
and her memories
flow back to when
he first offered her
his hand  to
"The Music of
Love" is a
confection of
petal pink and
soft silver tulle!

Silver micro
sequined lace
floats over the
blushiest pink
silk.  The double
layered skirt has
ruffles of fine
silver lace  
peeking out from
below the top
layer of silk.

A large pink silk
bow accents the
back of the
A fine pink silk
bow with raw
edges accents the
bust, and is
adorned with two
silver Swarovski
crystal florettes.
Bright coppery red
hair was pulled into
a low, intricate
chignon.  Accented
with two blossoms
in perfectly petal

Clear blue eyes and
soft gold tones play
beautifully off of
her bright pink lips.
Her necklace is
made of Swarovski
crystal beads in soft
pink and chrome,
and is accented with
a small Swarovski
florette, mirroring
the brooches with
adorn her bodice.