Mrs. Emma Peel
"The Avengers"
"Mrs. Peel--- we're needed!"
..and with those words, the
daring Avengers go off to
foil madmen,
megalomaniacs, and those
who would do wrong to
Queen and country!
For the 2002 "mod"
convention, who else
exemplified the style and
emancipation of women in
the 1960s but Diana Rigg
as "Emma Peel?"
Her most daring outfit is
re-created here in every
detail-- the tight jersey
catsuit (dubbed
"emmapeelers" by the
designer, Alun Hughes) with
gold link details, her
signature flip, even the
flintlock pistol in her  
judo-chopping hand was
made from scratch!
...note the "target" motiff
stand and the pic of the real