Moonlight Chanteuse
As the hypnotic
sway of jazz pulses
through the
crowded, smoky
club, a single
spotlight cuts
through the darkness
and finds it's
mistress.  The crowd
goes silent, as she
sings her story.......

Chanteuse" embodies
the sultry, sexy jazz
divas of the golden
age.  Slim and
striking as a spotlight,
she is wrapped in a
chic gown of white
silk and black lace.   
A sash of pink silk
wraps around her tiny
waist and adds a dash
of color.  
She keeps the night
air off of her delicate
shoulders with a
"fur" stole-- the
perfect accessory for
any songbird.....
the "Moonlight
Chanteuse"  sports
elegantly side-swept
hair, adorned with a
single pink flower.  
Her pink Swarovski
crystal jewelry suite
shimmers in the
dim lights of the
You can see the
soul of the
songstress in her
deep, liquid eyes--  
rich, brown, and
compliment her
soft coral lips....