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the best information site for Hasbro's Jem
dolls from the 80's!
Wonderful local doll shop!
Carries dolls from the turn-of-the-century through
today! Includes: vintage and new Barbie,  Fashion
Royalty, Mme Alexander, Tonner, vintage
composition, Ideal (Crissy, etc), Sophia's, Adora,
Terri Lee, Effanbee, Pullip...too much to list!   Ships
all over the world!
What do I do with all of the nude dolls, shoes,
clothing, etc that I don't use for my OOAKs?
All sorts of goodies here for sale-- frequently
updated!  Silkstone, playline, FR, sooo much more!
Click here to find my
instructions for fixing lashes,
restringing your Silkstone, and
one day possibly more!