List of supplies:
Step 1:
Using the tip of your tweezers, pick up one end of the lashes at
the lash base
Commercial lashes are adhered to a backer-- loosen one end
before gently pulling off backer.  Never pull by the lashes
Step 2:
Gently curl the lash base over the edge of the tweezers or by
gently pinching/flexing base between fingers.  
Step 3:
Apply glue to the base of the lashes.  Using tweezers, pick up by
the lashes themselves.
You can use your toothpick to apply the glue, or lightly dip the
lash base into the glue.  You want coverage but not an excess   
of glue.
Step 4:
Apply lashes to the eye.  Place the lash base in the crease
between the eye lid and the eye itself.  A little overage in glue is
ok.  Any excess glue can be cleaned up with a tiny bit of cotton
rolled onto the tip of a toohpick.
Step 5:
Using a clean toothpick, gently push the lashes into
place,making sure they are solidly in the crease.
Step 6:
Sometimes the lashes lay flat against the eye.  You can usually
use a toothpick of sewing pin horizontally under the lashes to
gently push them upwards.  This is sometimes easier once the
lashes are dry as they won't move around on you.
Step 7:
Let lashes dry
Step 8:
Use the "lash brush" to smooth and
separate out the lashes in a
upward, curling motion --The way
you would with your own mascara
Water based glues, such as Aleene's Tacky Glue (available in clear or as a white glue
that dries clear) are safest to work with.
Non toxic and easy clean up, they won't harm the original factory paint, and can be
removed if you don't like how they turned out!
If you become a lash expert, more permanent glues can be used, such as instant "crazy"
type glues.  
However, you have less time to work with them and if you get the glue anywhere it's very
difficult to remove.  
Here's where to get some lashes! You want to use the
lower lashes from a set of doll lashes... they're closest to
in size to IT's lashes.