2005 La Renard D'Or
La Renard D'or
--or "Golden
Fox"--   a
sumptuous mix of
textures and
colors.   Warm
sable and fiery
titian play against
the cool turquoise
and gold-laced
aqua of the gown...
Vintage fox fur
finds new life as a
wrap stole to keep
the night air off of
her pale
shoulders.   It is
fully lined in aqua
chiffon with an
accent bow to add
a feminine touch!
Soft brown eyes and
copper lips bring out
the fire in her up swept
hair...          Her gown
has been created in a
rich jacquard  of  gold
and deep aqua.   
Adorning her tiny
waist is a sash of the
same soft, fluid chiffon
found in her stole--       
Culminating at the hip
the sash is accented
with crystal scatter pins
in warm green with
turquoise seed beads.
Gold-tone shoes add
just the right glimmer
to her slim feet...
Warm, sparkling,
green crystal  pins
accent the sash at her
hip.  The light dances
from them as she
glides across the
candle lit ballroom...
Matching antique gold
and crystal earrings
bring the glimmer up
to her  sleek eyes.
...and did you know
she was the cover
doll of the very last
issue of "Barbie