La Petite Robe Blanche
The bells of the tiny country church are ringing, heralding
the beginning of the ceremony.  As La Petite stands before
her dear guests, resplendent in her dreamy confection of a
gown, she gently dabs at the single tear of joy running down
her soft cheek.
La Petite is soft and
feminine, yet
distinctly modern.
The silhouette of
the bodice is clean
and minimal,  
softened by the use
of fine white lace
over a nude base.
Her  ballerina-like
skirt is a cloud of
soft white tulle over
white satin-playful,
yet demure.
La Petite has
been repainted
with warm
brown doe-eyes
and soft pale
coral lips.    A
touch of
shimmer adorns
her eyes...
Her raven
tresses  have
been restyled
into a modern  
side-part flip,
which-- like her
veil-- frames her
glowing face.
She has decided
to forego the
usual jewelry,
instead borrowing
a family heirloom
from her favorite
.... a beautiful diamond
brooch from her
favorite aunt is a
treasured "something
An antique ribbon
tucked behind the
brooch  brings a touch
of soft color, as well as
becoming her
"something old" and
"something blue."