2004   Junon
"Junon" was a true labor of love!   She was based upon  an
amazing  Christian Dior ball gown from 1949~    a confection
of tulle and fine sequins so beautiful it  now resides in the
Met's costume vault.   She speaks of the golden days of the
finest couture houses in Europe.
The gown is made of a white silk satin shell.   Over the shell,
there are nearly 25 individually hand-sewn petals decorating
the gown.    Each petal is made of a layer of cream colored
net, with two layers of the palest blue tulle added to give it a
glimmer of color.     Each petal was then hand beaded with
FIVE colors of 3mm sequins--- black, two shades of the palest
blue, clear, and clear-iridescent!   
Well over 10,000  sequins and
beads were hand  sewn onto the
gown,  ensuring  the delicacy
and dazzling light that the  original
was able  to obtain.
Junon  received a full
facial repaint.   Soft
blue eyes and rosy
pink lips were painted
to emphasize the
femininity of her
French couture.

Her warm, strawberry
hair was restyled into
a dramatic, twisted
chignon, decorated by
hand-jeweled vintage
milliner's flowers.

Echoing  the colors
and dancing light of
the gown are
iridescent crystal and
jet charlotte sunburst
earrings.   They add
the perfect touch of