The Green Goddess
Cool.  Glowing.  
Like a gleaming jade
goddess,   a
modern-day Aphrodite,
wrapped in the colors
of the sea....
The Green Goddess is
resplendent in a
brocade gown of jade
and gold.    
It's slim column
silhouette and
detailing  echo  the
Olympian grace of
times long since past.
The Green Goddess's
golden tresses have
been swept back into
a clean chignon,
encircled by a strand
of tiny frosted glass
Adorning her ears are
dramatic chandelier
earrings of the same
beads,  mixed with
jade-colored crystals
and gold accents.
A brooch of
jade-colored glass and
turquoise beads  
emphasize the
one-shouldered detail of
the gown.  
It's elegantly draped
bow is lined in jade
silk and trails down
the back of the gown,
daring all to follow.....
Her alabaster shoulders are
framed by the elegant and
unexpected bow detail.     
The sash evokes images of
the intricately folded
chitons of ancient Greece...
Her eyes are now
smoldering in shades of
deep green, shadowed with
bronze and russet hues...
Warm coral lips evoke
passion and desire...