" Gentle Bossa Nova"
...the soft strumming of  
guitar, the light rasping of
maracas... the intoxicating
sound of a gentle bossa

Her stunning dark fudge
colored hair is styled into a
chic bubblecut, framing her
lovely face...

Soft brown eyes are framed
with crisp black liner and
soft tones of gold, nude, and
taupe-- with a surprising hint
of soft blue!

Perfectly pink lips play off
the warm tones in the eyes...
A pink and silver
brocade cocktail sheath
with a silver lace overlay
is the base of this sultry
and feminine design.

Soft pink silk accents the
waist, culminating in an
exaggerated silk bow...

Keeping the cool night
air off her shoulders is a
white "fur" stole.

A Swarovski crystal
jewelry suite of earrings,
bracelet, and crystal-
drop necklace add extra

White gloves and pink
sling-back shoes with
bow accents are the
perfect finishing touches!