2008   Galateia
2008 live charity   
auction doll
Final bid $6000
...in ancient myths,  the sculptor Pygmalion  carved a statue out
of ivory that was so resplendent and delicate that all maidens
paled by comparison to her beauty.  He could not help but to
fall in love with the statue and adorned her with fine silks,
gleaming gold and jewels.
Pygmalion prayed to the fair Aphrodite  to bring him a woman
like his ivory  maiden.   The Goddess of Love heard his
prayers and granted the lonely sculptor an even greater gift--
breathing warm life into the ivory Galateia.

"Galateia" embodies her marble namesake-- the cool
smoothness of her skin draped in luminous fabrics and
glimmering  gold.   She evokes memories of grand, Baroque
balls-- of times long since past...

Her platinum tresses have been pulled back into a soft
chignon...set off with sparkling brooches.   Her eyes are now
the color of the sea --soft, coy, and warm.  Over sized
chandelier earrings, in champagne crystal and gold flourettes,
emphasize her alabaster neck.

"Galateia's" sumptuous gown begins with a severe, fitted
sheath and exuberant detached train.  The blush silk is wrapped
in the finest French lace --in  the palest shade of  gold.    A
sash of the same silk wraps around her delicate bodice,
culminating in a cluster of crystal brooches.

Scattered over the lace are hundreds of tiny gold sequins, as
well as crystals  which are  the color of champagne --They
shimmer and dance like the early morning light....
An intimate shot of
"Galateia" during her
preview at the 2008