2004 Fatale
Fatale....the name says it all, no?
Raven-haired vixen ----a venomous vamp.   Any man would
die for her-- and a couple just may have!
Long, sleek, mermaid-styled gown with black lace overlay and
double ruffled hemline.   An unexpected touch of color comes
from the tiniest of yellow feather tips-- scattered across the
gown and echoed in the hair with a single, stripped feather as
A pair of long,  sleek black patent gloves finish off the look
Deep eyes in "envy green" are framed with wicked, whip- like
slashes of black liner, while her smoldering  red lips  entice and
warn ......
Fatale's raven tresses have been up swept into an Asian-
inspired topknot, adorned with a single, stripped yellow feather.
Multiple ropes of sea green crystals and fine seed beads frame
her delicate throat.
She is as dangerous as her look......