"Mama and Eunice"
"The Carol Burnett Show"
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Probably the
funniest and most
touching of the
classic sketches
from "The Carol
Burnett Show"
were "the Family"
Involving Eunice
(Carol), her
husband Ed
(Harvey), and her
Mama (Vicki), the
sketches didn't use
jokes-- the comedy
was played out in
the situation.

Classically, Eunice felt underappreciated, and unloved.  Ed
was hapless and had half-baked dreams.   And
Mama....well, all Mama wanted were kids that weren't
ingrates and for her daughter Ellen (Betty White) to come
around more often....
I hope that my love for
these characters has shown

The originals for these
dolls were created for a
diorama at the 2004
National Barbie
Convention-- a full scene
from the "Family" sketch
"Sorry" (involving the
board game, not an
apology... )

The original "Eunice" doll
is now owned by Carol
Burnett!  For the full story,
go here

"Eunice" is made
from a doll with a
more expressive
face sculpt-- painted
and rerooted to
ressemble the

The dress was a
pretty little floral
chiffon to which I
added some
hand-painted details.
Ah, Mama....

Played by the wonderful Vicki
Lawrence, "Mama" was
quick-tempered, frustrated by
her kids, and a holy terror.   
Yet it all came from love and
concern for her kids--- not that
"Eunice" would agree!

"Mama" is a mix and match of
dolls to get the right look.  
She's permed and had her hair
painted to get the right "old
lady wig" look that the
character wore.

Repainted and styled, she
captures the essence of the
An articulated
"gymnast" body was
the perfect choice for
"Mama."   The body
was padded to give
her a fuller figure.    

I found this wonderful
print fabric that I
knew had to be used
for "Mama" as soon
as I saw it!  Overscale
lace details on the
dress, and a classic set
of pearls almost
compete essential

....but let's not forget
her rolled down knee
stockings and
orthopedic shoes!