2010 Eternal Midnight
...A haunted dream,
dark, mysterious,
swirling, shimmering,
romantic and  

ballgown of pewter
taffetta, wrapped in
glimmering hand
rouched black tulle.   
draping with
gathered pouf,
accented with
Swarovski crystal
Black crystal drop
earrings, and a tiny
rhinestone ring .
Her deep blues eyes
are framed with
crisp black lashes,
her lips are a
luscious shade of
crimson, bringing a
pop of color to her
dark ensemble....
Swarovski brooches
bring a touch of
light , while black
crystal drop earrings
pull the dark up to
her glowing face...
Honey-colored hair
is pulled back into a
severe bun, with a
Spanish style curl,
and accented with
black ribbon and a
Swarovski brooch...