2005  Easter in Paris
Springtime in the City of Lights!   Is there anything more
beautiful?   Where else would a young sophisticate go to
find the most chic Easter ensemble?

A classic silhouette is reworked for a new day--   crisp
black faille    takes shape in this chic day coat, with deep
pockets accented with self- bows.    The   darling sheath
dress is a bold shock of color and geometry with it's
dancing pattern of brightly-colored dots!
Glorious green eyes
shine under layers of
soft golden shadows,
which compliment her
rose petal-colored lips.
Fiery titian tresses,
which have been
swept back into  a  
chic ponytail, are
topped with a
simple yet playful
hat-- a swath of
black tulle which
forms an light,
sweet bow!
Such springtime finery
couldn't be complete
without the perfectly
touches....simple pearl
studs and crisp white