2005 Dinner at 21
Dinner at 21---she sparks images of wealth and
glamour.   She wears an ultra chic sheath with
matching evening jacket in Italian silk brocade
and trimmed fur cuffs.     The fiery crimson
and gold of the brocade are  pulled into her
impossibly bold lips and sultry eyes.
...there's nothing more elegant...
Shades of blues and purples were layered into her deep
eyes.   Shadowed in gold and lined in deep black, they
speak of worldliness.
Her large lips are impossibly red and are quite striking
against her stylish cloud of jet black hair.
A matching jewelry set in topaz colored crystals and
the tiniest of gold beads are the perfect touch of
glamour --  Perhaps a gift from an old flame?  
...... She'd never kiss and tell, darling.