2005 Day In The Park
There's a warm breeze in the air, and the sun shines
down upon the city with its gentle golden rays...
      Instead of heading downtown, why not take a
stroll through the park and enjoy the glorious day?
Day in the park is wearing a sweet over-sized gingham
dress in the gayest shades of lime and aqua.   The
exaggerated bow matches her shoes perfectly!
Day in the Park has fully
repainted eyes  in deep
minky browns.   Playing
off her warmer palette,
they are softly shadowed
in tones of fawn and sheer
The perfect lip color?  
Why the sweetest shade of
candy pink, of course!   It
compliments her lightly
blushed skin and is a
lovely compliment to the
cool sherbet colors of her
Park's shimmering copper
tresses  model the ultimate
in casual chic-- the dutch
boy hair cut!
The straight-cut
neckline of the dress
is accented with a
glass teardrop
pendant in deep
aqua.   It hangs by a
delicate gold chain
and is the only
accessory needed
for this clean, crisp