"The Birds"-
A lot of folks know that
one of my signature dolls
has been Tippi Hedren in
"the Birds."  It was a doll
that I had at my first show
in 1996, and it soon
became a favorite!

Last year, I had the great
fortune of making a
special doll and presenting
it to Ms. Hedren in

The meeting was in
Bodega Bay....at the
Tides restaurant!
Our day started early for
the two hour drive.   The
trip was blessed with  the
spirit of the movie-- crows
were on the roof of our
(and they  sound like they
do in the movie!   Creepy!)
The drive was beautiful,
and we arrived early.  
The anticipation grew as
the crowd gathered for
the autograph signing
event.  Tippi arrived to
thunderous applause, and
her agent signaled Matt
and I to follow them to
the back office, where I'd
present Tippi with her
(click on the pic for
larger image)
Tippi was genuinely
touched, and I--for the
first time in life-- was
completely starstruck
and couldn't talk!
I thanked her and
expressed my deep
appreciation for the
work she does to save
and protect mistreated
wild animals.
(click on the pic for a
larger image)
We went back out to the crowd, and Tippi
walked the doll along the huge line of people,
sharing her new gift!
She then signed a photo for me, and we took
some more pictures.
(Karen, Tippi's agent, in the redhead with the
stuffed crow...lol...she's a total riot!)
(click on pic for larger image)
Here in the photo she
autographed for me!
(click pic to enlarge)

Matt and I hung out for a
while-- Bodega Bay is
gorgeous, and the view
from the Tides was
amazing.   We decided to
have lunch at the
restaurant-- who can resist
fresh seafood!
As we were seated, we
noticed Tippi and her
people came in for lunch,
and were seated at the
table across from us.   
Within a few minutes, she
was at our table and asked
if she could join us for a
She sat down, and we had a
lovely conversation for about
ten minutes.  Tippi is very
charming, and
down-to-Earth....and has the
most beautiful blue eyes I've
ever seen!
Please visit and help out the
Shambala Preserve!
Learn all about the wonderful
work they do!
Shambala Preserve
The entire experience was wonderful, and such an
I cannot say enough about Tippi, or her agent Karen,
or the kindness and generosity  they extended to us.

The work Tippi Hedren does for the Shambala
Preserve is amazing.   Her preserve helps rescue wild
animals from being owned and mistreated by private
individuals.  She gives them a more dignified, loving,
and natural life.  Tippi is also working to have laws
changed to make it more difficult for people to obtain
wild animals.

Please learn more about Shambala and help out in any
way you can.  The animals need us to be their voice!
Shambala Preserve
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