2004  Beluga
Beluga--- is there
anything more
chic, more
opulent, more

A simple  
cocktail dress in
glowing black
satin makes it's
mark on the
world with a
nipped- in waist
and darling knee-
length skirt!  

A sheer net
wrap allows her
to show off the
neckline when--
and to whom--
she deems
Piercing blue eyes shadowed in golds and
smoky blues compliment her new coral lips,
while her classic "dutch-cut" hairstyle frames
her face in a halo of gold.
Opulence dances 'round her dainty throat--
multiple rows of chromed crystal beads are
held together with a rhinestone brooch.  
It sparkles like sunlight on a prism!  
A matching bracelet dangles at her wrist.