Through the years, I have been very fortunate to have
received many awards for my dolls and dioramas.  Each
doll and competition piece were a joy to work on, and I'm
so very happy that they were received so well!
More recently, my "competition" time has been focused
on the dolls that I am asked to do for the Charity Auction
of the National Barbie Doll Collector's Convention
(NBDCC).  Since 2003, I have had the great honor of
being part of each year's Charity Auction.  You can view
these dolls
Together, my Charity Auction dolls have raised
approximately  $50,000 for the various charities involved!
2004 NBDCC
- first place ribbon   "
Sorry!" diorama
2003 NBDCC
- First place ribbon
              "Cinderella Transformed"
-First place ribbon
              " Skooter as Alice in Wonderland"
-First Place ribbon
Sing Sweet Nightingale"
-Chairperson's Choice Award
Sing Sweet Nightingale"
2004 BBMAA
-Crystal Award, First Place ribbon
Audrey Hepburn as "Sabrina"
2003 BBMAA
-Second Place ribbon     "Bad Emma"
-Third Place ribbon "Queen Elizabeth I"
2002 NBDCC
-First Place ribbon
            Diana Rigg as "
Mrs. Emma Peel
-First Place ribbon
Scooby Doo gang" diorama
-People's Choice award
Scooby Doo gang" diorama