...Cool, smooth,
The touch of Alabaster...
Palest of skin tone,
platinum haired,
Alabaster is like an
untouchable beauty, a
little goddess carved of
unyielding stone yet
somehow soft and
Long gown of blush
colored silk with an
overlay of blush lace.  
Pink silk organdy sash
punctuates the empire
waist, culminating in an
exaggerated bow at the
Her palest of pale
skin tones is
warmed with soft
pink lips, and clear
blue eyes framed in
subtle shades of
nude and gold with
crisp black lashes.
Her almost white
platinum hair was
pulled back into a
braided chignon and
accented with
Swarovski crystal

.Jewelry suite of
Swarovski crystal
beads and flourettes
in crystal, sky blue,
and turquoise.