2011 La Bela Notte
I am thrilled to be able to donate this doll to the Italian Doll
Convention's Charity Auction!

"La Bella Notte" harkens back to the sumptuous times of
Haute Couture and high glamour in the 1950s and 1960s.  

Her gown is made of a gorgeous silk brocade in silver and
aqua-- a plunging neckline and full evening skirt with a sash
and exaggerated bow in aqua-colored silk-- accented by a
duo of Swarovski crystal brooches.  Silver colored evening
slippers adorn her
Her warm brunette hair
has been completely
restyled into a chic
design.   Her face has
been fully repainted
with eyes in shades of
soft sea blue and
shimmering golden
shadow, contrasting
the soft, warm pink of
her new lip color.
The final touch-- a
statement necklace
of gleaming
Swarovski crystals!  
A shimmering collar
of crystal flourettes
accented with
sea-blue crystals and
tiny beads encircles
her slender throat.
"La Bella Notte"
comes in a box
signed and dated by
This doll was part of the 2011
Italian Doll Convention's Charity
Auction.  The auction took place
on ebay,  and began on May 15th